Sunshine, sandcastles, and cake! ️

Your baby girl’s first birthday is a milestone etched in gold. To celebrate, consider a cake smash photoshoot – but not just any cake smash! Bethells Beach, with its dramatic black sand dunes and wild coastline, offers an extraordinary backdrop for capturing these precious memories.

Beyond the Cake: Bethells Beach transcends the typical cake smash setting. Imagine your little one giggling as she explores the unique textures of the black sand, the wind whipping through her hair, all while sporting a playful beach-themed outfit. This natural playground creates a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, perfect for capturing candid moments of wonder and exploration.

Light, Location, Love: Photographers adore Bethells Beach for its natural light. Early mornings and sunsets offer a soft, diffused glow ideal for stunning photos. The diverse landscape allows you to choose your perfect scene: dramatic dunes for a bold statement, the gentle curve of the beach for a serene vibe, or a combination of both for a touch of adventure.

Planning Your Dream Smash: To ensure a smooth experience, consider these tips:

  • Timing: Avoid harsh midday sun – opt for early mornings or golden sunsets.
  • Season: Spring and summer offer warmth, while fall and winter provide a dramatic, moody backdrop.
  • The Cake: Choose a delicious and visually appealing cake that complements your theme and outfit. Don’t forget a fun cake topper!
  • Capture It All: Hire a professional photographer experienced in cake smashes. Their expertise will ensure you get beautiful, high-quality photos that document this special day.

More Than Just Cake: While the cake smash is a highlight, the true treasure lies in capturing your baby’s personality as she interacts with this unique environment. Bethells Beach offers a chance to create a visual story filled with laughter, discovery, and the pure joy of being one. Let our guide help you plan your dream Bethells Beach cake smash – a celebration you’ll cherish for years to come.